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Our Mission

At Fales Grand, we value our esteemed clients. We enable local, regional, and international clients to purchase the best available automotive products. With a vast and dedicated experience in both wholesale marketing and trade in the regions of the M E N A (Middle East & North Africa), we provide the best qualities of tires, tubes, and automotive batteries, and that too at affordable and market-competitive prices.

With an overall experience of 25 years as one of the leading regional companies in Dubai. Fales Grand looks to extend its pride and market reputation to remote areas, enabling people to access the best qualities of tires, tubes, and batteries.

Why Trust Fales Grand?

Having a mutual relationship benefits the provider, supplier, and end-user in the Markets. Be it any product or market; it requires trust, compassion, and understanding. At Fales Grand Dubai, you can opt for the best services with precision and comfort. We aren’t just limited to Dubai and its adjoining regions, but we also have dedicated subsidiaries in Iraq and China. With a consolidated market reputation in the other two regions. Fales Grand is always looking to satisfy its customers and end-user.

In this fast-forward and dynamic world, every business and brand keep itself certified and accredited in order to maintain its market reputation and worth. At Fales Grand, we take pride in keeping our products accredited to organizations such as ISO9001/TS16949, ISO14001, CCC, DOT, ECE, REACH, TIRE LABELING, GCC GSO, SASO, INMETRO, SONCAP, BIS, KAB-KSA, etc.

If you are looking to trade our products and play a part in our company’s development, you can search for various long-term product deals. At Fales Grand, we guarantee you product quality & affordability, which is something that will nurture the long-term relationship between businesses and clients from all around the globe.

Fales Grand – What We Provide?

With the leading tire and batteries OEM manufacturing platform: Fales Grand, one can access different varieties, qualities and brands. Fales Grand have dedicated staff team to serve to its client’s best interest. With a clear and robust vision regarding “transforming vision into realities”, we at Fales Grand Dubai provide the best-curated services to clients from all around the globe.

Our merchandise isn’t just limited to tires and inner tubes, but we also provide automotive batteries for car engines and other accessories. As an end user, one can certainly rely on our products, the best tire tubes in Dubai and its adjoining region. Along with the regular products, we are known for providing comfort and security to our customers.

What Makes Us Different from the Typical Market?

At Fales Grand, we try to inspire ourselves by satisfying the customer first and building an effective working environment direction. Our company specializes in a wide range of OEM products, including a special line of tires and batteries. We have a strong global presence, partnerships, and a dedication to customer satisfaction through our comprehensive after-sales support. Wholesalers and individuals can have confidence in our own brands of accessories.

Buyers can directly make contact with our sales representatives or visit merchandising stores in UAE, China, and Iraq. We can help you find the best product according to your range and target audience if you are looking to retail or extend the supply chain.

With our distinguished and dedicated offices in Dubai, Iraq, and China, customers and retailers especially can feel secure with us. With end-to-end streamlined supply chain process involving procurement and delivery, one can get orders delivered seamlessly and timely.

How Are We the Best Fit for Iraq Market?

Having a well-versed experience in merchandising and trading around the globe, we are Fales Grand, also specializing in broadening our horizons. As we look forward to building on our expansions and ongoing projects, we are the pioneers of distinguished tyre and battery brands in Iraq. The overall landscape of Iraq is a challenge in itself; however, we have ensured to drive our business stream and other operations in a conducive manner, benefitting the retail market in there. Here are the best brands that we have made accessible in Iraq.

Distribution Available for Tyre Brands for Iraq Market by Fales Grand















Distribution for Korean Made Automotive Batteries



Privately Owned Chinese Tyre Brands










Privately Owned Automotive Batteries




Apart from the above-mentioned brands of products, there’s a wide range of accessories available to complement your overall selection. Feel free to make direct contact with our team via mentioned platforms, and crack the best deal for yourself. Depending on your vehicle type and personal preference, one can pick specialized types of tires from our vast range of brands and products.

A Wholesome Automotive Experience at Fales Grand

Every wholesaler and end-user aspires to find a complete package of products with multiple brands to select from. At Fales Grand, you are guaranteed to have multiple options to pick from, giving you an ideal framework. If you are a wholesaler running a retail or online business, you can certainly get the best supply of products in decent volume, depending on the company policy and other prerequisites.

With reliable and competitive pricing, wholesalers can avail of the best deals and discounts over a range of tyre, tubes, and battery brands. In addition to our competitive pricing, esteemed customers are entitled to after-sales service and other fringe benefits.

Be it a truck or bus tyre or a passenger car’s radial tyre; we have it all. As a customer or a wholesaler, one can certainly depend on our wide range of products and brands. If you are looking to revamp your online sales or physical stores, you can purchase Dry Charged Batteries from our merchandise and market the same on your platforms.

With a range of products and diversified brands on board, you can undoubtedly rely on Fales Grand and start your reselling or retailing business. We at Fales Grand always encourage entrepreneurs to get themselves registered with our merchandising business. With dedicated specialists in the field of trade, procurement, and cross-region deliverables, one can be assured of professional services at disposal.