Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is Fales Grand Located?

You can find Fales Grand is a General Trading LLC based in Deira, Dubai, a hub for commercial activities in the region.

Fales Grand Only Operates in Dubai?

Being a registered General Trading LLC, Fales Grand has the privilege for operating in China and Iraq. With robust professional relations in China and Iraq, one can procure, coordinate, and develop businesses across the regions.

Is Fales Grand Tires a Supplier?

Fales Grand doesn’t only specialize in trading tires, but it also has automotive batteries and tyre tubes for sale. Fales Grand has direct and authorized merchandising of various Chinese tyre brands, along with Korean automotive batteries.

Fales Grand also owns dedicated Chinese tyre brands which can be shipped, marketed, and sold in various regional markets. Wholesalers and retailers can also make contact with Fales Grand to get tyre tubes and products from China in Dubai.

Does Fales Grand Trade in Auto Parts?

As of now, Fales Grand only deals in tires, tyre tubes, and automotive batteries. With a wide range of tires, tubes, and batteries, one can select according to vehicle type and make.

Are We Looking to Expand Fales Grand?

Expanding in adjoining regions and developing mutual trade relations has always been the top priority for Fales Grand. If you are a seasoned wholesaler or a retailer, you can make prompt contact with our representatives through the platforms managed on our website.

Is Fales Grand a Reliable and Trusted Entity?

With a vast and decorated background in regional trading, one can certainly trust our process and overall business plan. With decorated clientele and cross-region connections, Fales Grand certainly ticks the boxes for being the trusted platform in Dubai.

Is Fales Grand Registered and Affiliated with International Organizations?

At Fales Grand, we value our product’s quality; hence, we are certified by multiple road safety organizations in India and USA. We ensure that we comply to all quality standards and protocols, which satisfies the overall process.